Sports, communication and values

The conference has taken place at the Audiori de la Facultat de Comunicació Blanquerna and it has been divided around 3 speeches. The moderator, Josep M. Carbonell, who is the Communication Blanquerna University dean, has introduced the first one. He has started with evidence that, in his opinion, should not be forgotten as time goes by: we are at the XIX Jornades Blanquerna, as old as the Faculty itself. He has also added that their origin comes from an alumni iniciative.

Wilfried Lemke, Special Adviser to the UN Secretary General on Sports for Development, has been the second one to speak for about 20 minutes. He has been clear and concise. He has remarked the fact that his objectives emerge from discussing the problems of sports, focused on “the grass for development and peace”. “The objective is not for athletes to jump higher or run faster. We all, as citizens, have a special responsibility. The leading clubs have also their responsibility.” And has added: “We want to connect the leading clubs to the UN system in a very concrete project”.

And the UN Project for Sports is organised through 5 millennium development goals. He has made a summary of the 5 most important ones out of 8.
1. Eradicate extreme poverty and hunger.
2. Gender equality on the sports field.
3. Promotion of people with disability through sport.
4. Conflict resolution and Peace building.
5. Young leadership programmes.
And the point is that not the most of people know it.

Another issue he has remarked is that for the media sight, good news are not news. He has been totally in desagreement to this fact and has cemented the importance of future journalism professionals to open the world and let everyone know about beautiful stories. “Our duty is also to raise media attention for UN objectives”. He has also commented that society must focus on kids, we ought to oppose to “the winner takes it all”, we had better give them cooperation, peace, dialogue and tolerance values to make them model people for the future they are going to lead. He has encouraged everyone to “do not hesitate to transfer the straight line of media and the line normal things tend to go through. There are lots of positive stories, there are lots of big emotions as, for example, a blind runner in Kenya.”

He has finished: “Trust me, you will feel much better, I can tell you because I am very old”.

Clàudia Blanes


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